Our Founder

Michelle Dixon hosted her first birthday party when she was ten years old, complete with a homemade piñata and a few friends from her neighborhood. Little did she know many years later God would put it on her heart to host birthday parties for women in need of a celebration. Michelle had a similar experience with abuse growing up and understands the struggles that these women are facing. She believes that no matter what someone is going through everyone deserves to feel special and celebrated on their special day.


What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

I support It’s Your Time to Shine because of Michelle’s passion for the ladies she serves.  She is “all in” when it comes to providing a loving opportunity for the ladies that are experiencing a challenging time in their life.  She serves out of a passion for others as a selfless act of love.

Lon RickerOwner at Ricker Dynamics

I love this ministry!  Michelle Dixon’s kind, selfless heart, and desire to bring joy and hope to women who are in need of love and support is inspiring. She has surrounded herself with an amazing team who show love to these women and their children and make them feel special.  These truly are broken hearts in need of love. I am so proud to partner with her in a small way to make a big difference.
It’s Your Time to Shine is a blessing!

Laura JonesCEO and Founder - Smooth Transition Menopause Solutions

Michelle’s determined passion to host birthday parties for women in battered women’s shelters is now bringing love, light and hope to hundreds of women across the metroplex. When I heard about Michelle’s dream and ideas to start this non-profit organization called “It’s Your Time to Shine” I received goosebumps and instantly knew I wanted to help serve this community! I’m honored to be a part of helping these women and children feel valued, respected and worthy for a day knowing their in the process of being courageous to restore and rebuild their lives. This program Michelle is building is much needed and I’m excited to watch the community come together to help volunteer, connect, support and give financially to help these ladies find better ways of living!

Kim BlackOwner of The Power of E3 Program and Dragonflymind